Weekly Services

Upcoming Services and Events

Reader’s Services will be on March 24th and 25th, 2018.

Divine Liturgies will be March 31st and April 1st, 2018.

Pascha will take place at Christ the Saviour in Sugar Notch on April 8th.

18119137_773486442809486_5389012496230201262_nSundays start with the Reading of the Hours at 9:40am, and services begin at 10:00am. Saturday Vespers start at 5:00pm.

Normal services take place in the Pine Room of the Lewisburg Club, 131 Market St., Lewisburg PA. Food, fellowship and Sunday School follow services. The Pine Room can be entered through the back door of the Lewisburg Club. Services and the study group are in English, and all are welcome!

Our Mission’s monthly Orthodox Spirituality Reading Group, is held once a month at the Bucknell Bookstore Cafe. At our Orthodox Spirituality Reading Group we monthly explore the riches of biblical tradition in the Old Testament through the Orthodox Church and the ancient Church Fathers. Provided texts are The Orthodox Study Bible, based on the Septuagint and New King James texts, from Thomas Nelson Publishers, and The Law of God: An Introduction to Orthodox Christianity by the New Martyr Fr. Daniel Syosev, the latter a popular Church-approved book for education in the faith in Russia, newly translated into English (Fr. Daniel Syosev was a well-known evangelist in Russia who was martyred in 2009). No prior attendance, knowledge, or reading is needed; reading materials will be shared at the discussion.

If you would like your own copy of The Orthodox Study Bible, see here, or of the commentary book, see here, or please let us know and we can supply you with copies.


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