Orthodox Christianity and the World: Relations between Orthodox Christians and the non-Orthodox. A talk by Fr. Andrew Damick

Monday, May 1, 5-6 p.m. Co-sponsored by the Bucknell Orthodox Christian Fellowship and Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Mission Parish in Lewisburg. Gallery Theater, Elaine Langone Student Center, Level 3 (Seventh Street and Moore Avenue).

A talk by popular author, blogger, and speaker Archpriest Andrew Damick, based on the revised and expanded second edition of his book Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

Orthodox Christians have centuries of both peaceful and tragic experience in relations with non-Orthodox communities, in the modern global Orthodox diaspora, but also stretching back two millennia in the Middle East. They long have been engaged in close contact with Muslims, Jews, and Catholics in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, historically with indigenous and world religions in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, and more recently in the Western world with dominant secular and Protestant cultures, while experiencing a history of severe persecution in Communist and other contexts in modern times. Fr. Damick draws on wisdom and experience gleaned from such fruitful and fraught relations across the centuries and around the world in his talk.



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