Explore the Theophany of the Trinity and Prefiguring of Christ in Genesis

All are welcome to the Orthodox Spirituality Reading Group on Sunday Dec. 18, 3-4 p.m., at the Rusty Rail, in the “Loading Dock” Dining Area, 5 N 8th St. in Mifflinburg, PA. Our continuing theme in these monthly reading groups is “Journey through the Bible,” exploring Scripture in light of the ancient living teachings of Orthodox Tradition from the Apostolic Church. Provided texts are The Orthodox Study Bible, based on the Septuagint and New King James texts from Thomas Nelson Publishers, and The Law of God: An Introduction to Orthodox Christianity by the New Martyr Fr. Daniel Syosev, the latter a popular Church-approved book for education in the faith in Russia, newly translated into English (Fr. Daniel Syosev was a well-known evangelist in Russia who was martyred in 2009). Focus of discussion this Sunday will be on Genesis 12-22. No prior knowledge or reading is needed, and reading materials will be shared at the discussion, but if you would like a copy of The Orthodox Study Bible, see here, or the commentary book, see here.


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